About us

About us

Endoskopienheten at the Ellenbogen Medical Center has been around for 25 years and we have staff with many years of experience in both surgery and endoscopy.

We have good accessibility and short waiting times.

At our reception we have the latest equipment for surgery and endoscopy. On request, we perform gastroscopy in mild sedation, which means that the patient sleeps for about 5 minutes and does not experience the investigation. We also have a very thin gastroscope that can be used to carry out the examination through the nose. This may be a good alternative if it is difficult.

We have a fully equipped surgery department staffed with anesthesiologists and anesthesia nurses who assists during surgery and gastroscopy. The patients rests in our post-surgery department after surgery and before returning home.

We have cooperation with most insurance companies if you have a health insurance. Contact your insurance company for an appointment with us.